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    Owning a spin studio and teaching 5+ times per/week for 3 years without regular massages crept up on me and put my entire body in a state of disarray. Finally, after deciding to do something about it, DeLeon worked me for over 2 hours tonight. Although we have a lot more work to go, I already feel 1000 times better and immediately bought a package of 4 two-hour sessions.

    Don’t wait like I did, hire this guy!

    De'Leon is truly a healer. I have had a lot of massages in my life and I am blown away by his technique and skill. I've always struggled with extreme soreness and muscle cramps in my calves. He has helped them so much. He took time and concentrated on every part of the body. I appreciate his attention to detail. He is SO good at what he does!!!! I don't think I could ever see another massage therapist. He is the best hands down.

    Used their services for a special event and they were fantastic. Very professional and highly skilled. They were able to relax, reinvigorate and revive many of our guests.

    I love this talented practitioner and overall great human being. I've known him for years and just finally had him work on me this last weekend and I really need to see him again soon. I have a background in Chiropractic, physical therapy and got my Bachelor's of Science in biokinesiology... sooo, I don't trust many people to know what they're doing and I unequivocally trust him. I really look forward to continuing sessions with him to heal some really old chronic injuries from martial arts and gymnastics. Thank you so much and I can't wait to book again soon!

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